Material testing

Material testing

The material tests are usually combined with other environmental tests to measure and evaluate the effect the environmental simulation on the tested samples, for example tensile strength test after UV test or Colour measurement after Xenon test.

Our laboratory provides various material testing and measuring possibilities for raw materials, parts or product surfaces.

Tests we offer:

  • Flammability tests

(SES N 3245:20192, ISO 3795, CNS 13387:19942, VW TL 1010:2008, MS 300-08:2008, Peugeot D1333:2005, UL94:2006, FMVSS 302:2007-08, GMW 3232:2011, BMW GS 97038:20162, GB 8410:2016, DIN 75200:1980-09)

  • Tensile strength test

(ISO 527-2, ISO 527-3)

  • Impact test(ISO 6272-1)
  • DSC test
  • Hardness resistance test(ISO 868)
  • Colour measuring

(ISO 11664-3, ASTM D2244-16)

  • Gloss measuring (ISO 2813)
  • Cross-cut test(ISO 2409)
  • Determining the resistance and resistivity of solid materials used to avoid electrostatic charge accumulation

(MSZ EN 61340-2-3, IEC 61340-2-3)

Some of the listed standards may be out of scope of the accreditation, please check the detailed list here: