With the rapid increase of e-commerce sales worldwide, packaging is becoming more important and it has to meet the different requirements like adequate protection and cost effectiveness. At the same time, it should be easy-to-open and generate low waste.

That is why Amazon introduced the Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) concept. also launched E-commerce Ready Packaging (ECR), a packaging certification program to validate items that can be shipped in their own containers.

In order to ensure that all packages arrive to the customer damage-free, Amazon and ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) created the ISTA 6-Amazon protocols. All packages larger than 45x35x20 cm or greater than 9 kg and sold through Amazon need to be tested and certified through the FFP Program. Otherwise extra fees will be charged by Amazon.

Our lab is certified to ISTA Boxing and ISTA We have 40 years’ experience in distribution package testing and can perform the tests within a short deadline.

Applied standards:

  • ISTA 1A, ISTA 1B
  • ISTA 2A, ISTA 2B
  • ISTA-6-FedEx-A
  • ISTA-6 – Amazon